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Making Stories

Co-authored by Alice Kettle, Insa Langhorst and Huw Wahl, this is an entertaining and scholarly look at making from the points of view of crafts makers and those who educate, record and support the crafts sector. Much of the material arises from the highly successful Making It event held in Winchester over three days in October 2012, but the multimedia presentation of this book takes it beyond a mere account of that project.
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85 pages   price GBP 7.49

ISBN 978 09574243 2 6
publication date 28 June 2013  AVAILABLE NOW

To See a Different World

Anna Cady,  artist, film-maker and writer, explores what it means to be somewhere. In To See a Different World she presents the remarkable pinhole photographs that she made on a trip to India, laboriously created in enormous cameras and in direct contrast to the easy disposability of digital photos. The photographs are complemented by her writing, itself stimulated by the experience of making the photos, and the book is rounded off by an Afterword by Peter Middleton, poet and Professor of English at Southampton University.
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To See a Different World - Anna Cady

42 pages    price GBP 4.99   
ISBN 978 0 9574243 0 2
publication date September 2012 AVAILABLE NOW 

The Myth of Return

Kay Goodridge and Norah Al-Ani worked with a group of women who had come to England as refugees, sharing their stories and objects that are precious to them. By remaining anonymous, the participants in The Myth of Return represent refuge seekers everywhere as they speak about and display what they treasure, and what they have lost. With a closing Reflection on the project by Weaver.

35 pages   price GBP 4.99
ISBN 978 0 9574243 1 9
publication date 12 October 2012 AVAILABLE NOW

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