Heading southwestwards

The Arts Council is re-drawing the map of england, and I'm just off to Salisbury to find out what that will mean for us in Hampshire. We will be looking towards Exeter, not Brighton for our arts support and networking structures, and this is the launch event that will tellus how it will work. It should be a good chance to meet some new faces too. 

Well and truly launched

The launch for Making Stories on Friday was hugely enjoyable - a good turnout in Winchester's Discovery Centre, where it all started last October, came to learn about what's happened since the Making It event, and what the book fuss is all about. We even persuaded a few people to think about buying an iPad just so they can read the book!

IMG 0450
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Launch event for Making Stories

In an iBookstore near you, whether you're in Argentina or (new) Zealand… Making Stories is now available to download. The word is out already and the first copies are in circulation. We're returning to the Discovery Centre in Winchester, where it all began, for a launch event on the evening of 12 July. If you would like to come, please just click here to book - we would love to spread the word. Alec Stevens, whose temporary workshop in the middle of the library was a feature of Making It, has completed the sculptures that visitors 'designed' by playing word games and they will be on display. There will also be a chance to meet Deryn Relph and Alec Archbold, the recipients of the Making It residencies. 

Making Stories will be ready to publish soon

Alice Kettle and I have been working hard to complete Making Stories, the publication that grew from and records the highly-regarded Making It project held in Winchester in October 2012.

The interactive book is full of video interviews with the makers who took part in the event, and is richly illustrated. With contributions from many of the distinguished makers and academics who took part in Making It, it will interest collectors, makers, students, teachers - anyone who values the crafts.

We are waiting for a small number of permissions to reproduce material, and we'll be ready to go in late June [corrected date - sorry!] 

Publication date for The Myth of Return

Electric Imprint's second title will be available on the iBookstore from 12 October. As soon as previews are available, there'll be a link here. Watch this space…..

Meanwhile, here are some screen shots

ss3 home in a place

ss2 hammers
ss4 movie dad

To See a Different World publishes today

Got the contract to publish via iTunes. Got the allocation of ISBNs. Got the program required for uploading. Most important of all, got the book. 

And we also got some unexpected publicity from the local paper, the Hampshire Chronicle. It won't be up on their website until next week (they delay updates so that people buy the physical newspaper) but see right for a taster.

Almost ready to launch

Electic Imprint is ready to launch this month. The first titles are lined up - Anna Cady's beautiful pinhole photography and creative writing in To See a Different World, a moving photo project with sound recordings exploring The Myth of Return by Kay Goodridge and Norah Al-Ani, then in the early winter a record of the Making It project co-curated by Lynne Dick of Making Space with textile artist Alice Kettle.

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