About Electric Imprint

We understand the arts, and the people who work in the arts.

Electric Imprint was set up by Paul Clough, who has worked in and around the arts for many years: first as curator of a collection of important 20th century British art, later in a hand weaving workshop and in public-sector arts organisations in both England and Scotland.

We are a publisher, so we'll provide copy-edit and layout services as well as producing your book. We take care of the preparation of all the files that are needed to publish a book, and we're fully set up to sell through the iTunes store (which is the only way that multi-touch iBooks can be sold). We specialise in multi-touch iBooks for the iPad, but of course we can also publish in Amazon's Kindle format, or as an epub file for other reader software and hardware. If you need this, please just ask. 

Throughout the process of publishing your book, we'll work with you personally. This isn't a high-volume operation, so our list will grow slowly while we look after our authors.

If you have a project you'd like to discuss, please use the contact form

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